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"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Your body is ​a primary source of your psychological life.  By becoming aware of and shifting your somatic experience, you can tap into your body's natural healing processes and achieve deep growth and healing.

My first goal in therapy is to help you feel safe.  You will learn simple exercises that balance your autonomic nervous system, helping you to feel less stressed, safer with others, and more open to pleasurable emotional connection.  We will attune to your emotions and needs and explore the thoughts and behaviors that accompany and respond to them.  Safety, emotional attunement, and understanding will enable you to explore new patterns of feeling, thinking, and behavior and to create deeper, more satisfying relationships with others.

I work with adults and couples who struggle with issues such as depression, anxiety, difficulty feeling close to others, unhappy love relationships, behaviors they don't understand or can't control, the effects of trauma, and difficult memories from the past.  Couples typically feel stuck in painful ways of relating and want to stop fighting, reconnect on a deep level, and feel closer emotionally and sexually.

Do you feel challenged by a life transition:  a divorce, a new marriage, a new child, parenting, infertility, adoption, illness, or the death of a loved one?  I can help.  

I offer an empathic presence to help you develop the resilience and strength to navigate life’s challenges and playfully create happier relationships and a more fulfilling life!

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